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Small En Suite Shower Room With Bathroom Installation In Leeds


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Work carried out

Small En Suite Plan With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

This en suite was ‘made’ by converting a small storage cupboard (0.8m x 2m approx) off the main landing in this 2 bedroom flat in Leeds.

A radiator was not added in the end due to space constraints but electric underfloor heating could have been used as an alternative.

Making An Opening For An En Suite With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Adding An En Suite Shower Room With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The door into the hall was boarded up and a new doorway was knocked through from the adjoining bedroom, and lighting wiring was re-routed to a switch by the door as dictated by the new layout.

A new light fitting (suited for bathrooms) was installed.

Shower Enclosure In Small En Suite With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

An 80cm x 70cm shower tray was installed to one end of the room and the new doorway was made to fit tight up to this to maximise the available space.

A bifold shower door ensured that it did not clash with any other bathroom fixtures, as a pivot door might in a small space such as this.

The shower enclosure was tanked prior to tiling and was finished off with porcelain tiles combined with a mosaic border tile and colour co-ordinated silicone and grout.

A thermostatic bar mixer shower valve & riser rail were fitted.

All pipework was chased into the walls to maximise the sense of space in the small room and to negate the need for any boxing in, which would have made the room appear smaller.

Small Basin Vanity Unit To Maximise Space In Small En Suite With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A small vanity unit and basin was used to maximise space in the tiny (0.8m x 2.m approx) en-suite whilst still providing a small amount of storage space beneith the basin.

The design of this particular vanity unit sites the basin mixer tap on the side of the basin to minimise the projection of the basin to only 25cm (thus saving space.)

Matching tiles from the shower enclosure were used as a splashback behind the basin, as well as a simple mirror.

Small En Suite Shower Room With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A short projection back to wall toilet with a concealed cistern was chosen to maximise space by minimising the distance the toilet protruded out into the room.

Matching laminate panelling (the same as the basin vanity unit) was used to create the custom made boxing in behind the toilet that concealed the cistern and all the unsightly pipework (and also acted as a window cill.)

The top of the custom made ‘unit’ behind the toilet was made to be removable in the event of future maintenance.

A vinyl floor was fitted to compliment the décor of the room, and the walls were painted with an anti-mould bathroom paint to control the effects of bathroom humidity.

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