Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-16T10:28:12+01:00
Do you offer a guarantee?2018-08-17T21:23:12+01:00

You should gain peace of mind as we offer:
• Fixed prices.
• Workmanship guarantee on all installations.
• Large manufactures warranties (normally 10+ years) on supplied items.

Will you take away all the rubbish?2018-08-17T21:22:14+01:00

Normally we price for a skip from a local skip hire firm (who recycle 90% of their waste.)
In some instances, such as where skip access is limited, we may take away the rubbish in a van
to dispose of in a responsible manner.

Will you provide us with any certification we require?2018-08-17T21:20:54+01:00

All gas work is self certified by our gas safe engineers.
All electrical work will be certified by our NICEIC / ELECTRA electricians.
Completion certificates (where applicable) confirm that all work has been carried out to
current building regulations.

How can I pay you?2018-08-17T21:19:42+01:00

You can pay with cash or via internet transfer.
You can even pay me by using a credit card through Paypal, though a small transaction fee will
be added if you wish to do this (to cover the Paypal fees).

Will I be without my bath or shower during the installation?2018-08-17T21:57:09+01:00

You will likely be without a shower for the entirety of the bathroom installation process due to
the order that the work must be done in to ensure a high quality installation.

You may have a working bath within 3 days of work beginning i.e. Wednesday if job begun on a
Monday, and this can be discussed during the free site survey.

What hours do you work?2018-08-17T21:16:18+01:00

We work between 8.30 – 5.30 Monday to Friday, and we may work on a Saturday as well (if
that fits in with you of course.)

We both work during the day – can we give you a key?2018-08-17T21:13:18+01:00

I am used to working in this way and it is probably best for you to be out of the way anyway –
the toilet may be removed during the day whilst work is going on, and building work can be
noisy anyway!

How long does it take to fit a bathroom?2018-08-17T21:10:20+01:00

Simple re-freshs can be done in under a week, whereas more involved installations (with
underfloor heating, wetrooms etc) can take up to 2 weeks.
Generally speaking, an installation that starts on a Monday will finish around the following

Can you start tomorrow?2018-08-17T21:09:05+01:00

Generally speaking I book work in on a 1st come 1st serve basis and this is normally a few
weeks ahead or more, but this does vary so just ask if you’re unsure as to whether I’ll be able
to squeeze you into the time slot you would prefer.

What’s the process for working with you?2018-08-17T21:06:14+01:00

Please see here.

How long will it take to get an estimate?2018-08-17T21:05:10+01:00

You will have an estimate within a week of the site survey, possibly sooner.

How do I get a quotation?2018-08-17T21:00:56+01:00

Simply fill out the contact form on this website or give me a call on 07734461982 to arrange a
free site survey.

Will there be any disruption?2018-08-17T20:57:22+01:00

There will be some disruption, and this is unavoidable, especially if the bathroom being
installed is the only one in the house, if the house is very small or if you will be at home for the
duration of the work (rather than out at work for example.)

Water may need to be turned off and you may be without heating for part of one day at the
start of the installation, though we will always warn you in advance of this.
The bathroom suite & tiles etc will all need to be stored somewhere prior to installation and
this will be discussed at the free site survey.
We do the following to limit this disruption:
✓ We complete installations as quickly as possible by tightly organising all of the independent
trades with minimal downtime (days when no-one is working for example)
✓ We can reinstate a toilet every night before we leave if necessary.
✓ We can get a bath up and running in a couple of days if required.

What if you damage my house? Do you have public liability insurance?2018-08-17T20:38:40+01:00

Whilst we do our best to limit the possibility of costly accidents, it always pays to be protected.
This is why we carry £2 million public liability insurance, which ensures that any accidental
damage to your property that results from our work can be reclaimed.

Will you make a mess of my house?2018-08-17T22:01:44+01:00

As a matter of course we always fit carpet protection between the front door and the
bathroom and anywhere else we are likely to repeatedly walk. This is very unobtrusive and is
left down for the duration of the work.
If we are storing the bathroom suite or tiles in an adjacent bedroom we will put floor
protection down here as well.
We always recommend our new customers read this article to help limit the risk of damage to

Can I look at the suite items costed for before purchasing?2018-08-17T15:35:41+01:00

After your free site survey I will email you a detailed estimate and pictures of the suite items /
tiles costed for (based on our earlier discussions.)
You are then free to go to my local suppliers showroom in Armley to view these items.

Do your suite items come with a guarantee?2018-08-17T15:34:24+01:00

Most of our suite items (toilets & basin etc) come with a lifetime guarantee and most of our
brassware (showers, taps etc) come with 10 years+. I do not fit cheap rubbish!
If you are unsure of what warranty is included in suite items costed for then please just ask.

Can you provide references?2018-08-17T15:33:28+01:00

Online testimonials are available here, and I can put you in touch with local customers if

Have you got previous bathroom installations we could look at?2018-08-17T15:32:19+01:00

Of course, simply head over to my portfolio page to see pictures of recent installations and
case studies.

Can you add an en suite?2018-08-17T22:07:57+01:00

Again, there are a few factors that determine whether this is possible, notably space &
Please see here & here for more information on this topic.

Can you add a cloakroom under my stairs?2018-08-17T22:09:48+01:00

There are a few factors that determine whether this is possible, notably space & drainage.
Please see here for more information on this topic.

How much do your bathrooms cost?2018-08-17T22:12:01+01:00

There are a few factors that determine whether this is possible, so please see here for more
information on this topic.


When do I pay for my bathroom installation?2018-08-17T15:04:57+01:00

Usual installations last between 1 & 2 weeks (normally a bathroom that starts on a Monday will
finish the following Wednesday-ish).
So in this example you would pay for all materials (suite, tiles, skip etc) upon delivery to your
house (ie when you have it in your possession) and you will then pay the balance on
completion of the work.
On larger jobs (such as installing a few bathrooms at once) stage payments may be required.

Do you adhere to fixed costs?2018-08-17T22:13:58+01:00

I provide fully itemised, free estimates with fixed costs.
Accurate costs mean you can budget your bathroom installation without worry of skyrocketing
Any potential costs (that may only arise after beginning the work) will be highlighted in the
initial estimate whenever possible.
An itemised, clear, detailed estimate essentially acts as a contract between you (the customer)
and me (the contractor) and helps hold both parties to account, limiting risk on both sides.
Itemised costs also allow you to see exactly what you will be paying for and where you can do
a bit of DIY if necessary to save money.

How much do your bathrooms cost?2018-08-17T22:22:47+01:00

Bathrooms start at £5K.
En suites generally start at £4K.
Knocking through a WC & bathroom costs from £7K.
Installing a downstairs loo costs from £3K.
Replacing a bath with a shower generally costs from 2.5K.
This will includes a site survey & bathroom plan prior to installation as well as….
• Waste disposal costs
• Stripping the old bathroom
• Reboarding the walls prior to tiling / plastering
• Plastering
• Painting & decorating
• Wall tiling
• Floor preparation & tiling
• Supply & installation of the new bathroom suite
• Electrics e.g. adding ceiling spotlights, extractor fans to deal with humidity &
shaver points
• Underfloor heating on some installations
My focus is on quality and longevity of installation and providing genuine value, not being the
cheapest around.
Please see here for more information.

Can you assist me? I don’t have a clue where to start!2018-08-17T14:58:03+01:00

Of course! Everyone starts in your position.
Get in touch to arrange a free site survey and I can discuss your requirements.
I am happy to give advice as to what will fit, what is possible and how much things generally

What do you do?2018-08-17T22:25:43+01:00

I carry out project managed bathroom installations in Leeds from initial consultation & design
through to completion, with my team of quality local tradesmen.
Please see here for more information on working with me.

What areas do you cover?2018-08-17T14:55:08+01:00

I live near Kirkstall Abbey and serve North Leeds out as far as Harrogate. I also work out
towards Ilkley and over towards Crossgates. If you’re in doubt, then give me a call and I can
advise you.