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Custom Bathroom Design With Bathroom Installation In Leeds


Existing Pedestal Sink With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The existing bathroom suite & tiling was very dated and in need of an overhaul, so we worked together with the customer to deliver their particular vision which involved a lot of bespoke items – therefore the installation team would need to be cross-disciplined and tightly co-ordinated.

Bathroom installation

Stripped Bathroom And Sagging Floor With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

All the existing suite was removed and the wall & floor tiles were removed which left us with a blank canvas as shown above.

In this picture, you can clearly see that the floor sags massively in the middle and this could be attributed to the fact that the floor joists were inadequate for the weight of the floor and the span of the room.

This was causing massive deflection that needed to be remedied before the new tiled floor was installed (see here for more information on subfloor preparation prior to tiling).

Bathroom floor preparation

To level the floor, we 1st attached some mesh to the floorboards as can be seen above before pouring approximately 75kg of self-levelling powder.

After we had done this we overboarded the floor with 18mm WBP plywood to stiffen the floor further (in an effort to limit deflection).

PS If I did this installation again I would probably insist on Ditra matting on top of this as well.

PPS Any deflection in the floor will always result in me advising people not to have a tiled floor (normally to have vinyl instead) and to sign away any liability of the tile installation – however, in this instance, the customer was quite insistent and so was happy to sign a piece of paper that effectively said ‘on my head be it – I have been warned that my floor is not suitable for a tiled finish’).

Top tip – These tiles were stone and so needed to be sealed – this is always best done before they are installed as it makes cleaning off any excess adhesive or grout easier during installation.


Shower Before Renovation With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

1st Fix Plumbing For New Shower With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Finished Shower Installation With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The wall that enclosed the existing shower was removed and replaced by a glass return panel on the final shower enclosure to provide much more natural light. Pipes were run to facilitate the installation of a recessed shower valve with body jets and a large shower head mounted in the ceiling.

Shower Valve And Body Jets With Bathroom Installation In Leeds


Tiling A Shower Enclosure With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The shower enclosure was then tanked & tiled using a stone mosaic tile. Mosaic mesh is very useful for fitting these tiles.

In this picture, you can see that the shower tray has been raised up on chocks to facilitate an adequate fall (so that waste water runs away correctly).


Existing Bathroom In Need Of A Bathroom Fitter With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Custom Bathroom Cabinets With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A run of bathroom units was to be fitted down one wall of the bathroom – this was to contain a back-to-wall WC, semi-recessed basin & a storage unit beneath.

These units would also serve to hide all the pipework that would run beneath/behind them.

A kitchen unit was used to serve as the internal basin cabinet and the whole installation was to be clad in painted rough-sawn timber as per the customer’s request.

Bathroom Wall Cladding With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The far wall was also studded out so that it could be clad with the same rough-sawn timber – the height of the units was worked out to ensure the wooden slats all lined up.

Custom Cabinetry With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Here you can see how the door has been made to fit seamlessly with the horizontal cladding, and the storage space it affords beneath the basin.

On the left of the picture above you can also see the metal frame that will hold the weight of the wall-hung toilet – these frames are necessary to install all wall-hung toilets, and they also contain an integrated dual flush cistern.

Solid Oak Bathroom Worktops With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Solid Oak Bathroom Window Sills With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Solid oak bathroom worktops were then installed on top of the units and offcuts were used to make the window sills.

Other trades

Half Complete Bathroom Installations With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The rest of the room was plastered and painted, and the customer experimented with various wood stains on the cladding before finally settling on black paint (see below).


A new extractor fan was fitted to deal with bathroom humidity and the ceiling lighting was rearranged, following the change of layout that resulted when knocking the shower wall down.

Finishing touches

Tall Towel Radiator With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A tall towel radiator was added to keep the room warm.

PS Painting the walls prior to 2nd fix makes painting behind the radiator much easier!

Yeadon Installation With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The wall-hung toilet, basin, freestanding bath & filler were fitted during 2nd fix plumbing.

Half Tiled Splashback With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The walls were partly tiled as mosaics are very expensive per m2 – just the shower area & a splashback essentially (oh and the floor!).

Raised Shower Tray Tiled With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A removable plinth was then built and tiled under the shower tray.

This ensures that the shower waste can be easily accessed in the future should there be any maintenance issues.

Colour-coordinated silicon (jasmine in this case I think) was used to match the tiles & grout (rather than just white.)


Yeadon Installation With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

This bathroom installation took around 2 weeks, and this is slightly longer than normal due to:

  • The floor preparation work required was substantial.
  • Small mosaic tiles take longer to fit than larger ceramic tiles.
  • Custom cabinetry & wall cladding took a while to do.
  • The shower chosen involved quite a lot of complicated pipework due to the number of body jets etc.

However, the work schedule was very tightly organised by a project manager (me) ensuring the work was done in the correct order to give the best finish possible in the shortest time.

It involved many tradesmen that the homeowner may have found difficult to source individually, and then organise into a tight schedule: In this instance, I organised a team consisting of a joiner, electrician, tiler, plumber, and a labourer & painter – All project managed by me to make the process as smooth as possible.

Also, as a side note, this installation would have given an experienced project manager a headache so I would not have liked to try this as a customer (ie without a lot of experience, building contacts and flexible tradesmen on call!)

Thanks for reading, give me a call if you would like a nice new bathroom in under 2 weeks or fill in the form on the right.


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