This article shows how UK Bathroom Guru turned a bedroom into a bathroom in Ilkley, near Leeds.

It also shows the steps required to make it a success, along with information regarding the general installation process and how long the work took to do.

Complete Bathroom In An Existing Bedroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds


The existing plumbing will be the main factor in determining whether you can turn a bedroom into a bathroom, as the space required is not usually a problem as bedrooms are bigger than bathrooms generally.

  • running hot & cold supply pipework to the shower, toilet, basin etc – floors will have to be lifted in the bedroom normally, but may be run in the loft space, depending on your existing plumbing.
  • running pipework for any new radiators – this will almost always involve lifting floorboards in the bedroom to extend the pipework that currently feeds the nearest radiator.
  • running waste water away from the toilet, shower, basin etc to the soil pipe outside the house. This is often a stumbling block as waste water needs to run downhill (in a fairly straight line) to the nearest soil stack which is normally on the outside of your house.

The position of the new bathroom relative to the existing soil pipe is critical. i.e. if the position of the intended new bathroom is on the other side of the house to the soil pipe, you may have difficulties in installing everything you want.

How To Turn A Bedroom Into A Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

How To Turn A Bedroom Into A Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Overview of main work

Shower And Bath In Old Bedroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

  • 3 piece suit added with a shower over the bath
  • Floor prepared and then tiled
  • Bathroom specific lighting added
  • Electrical points removed for safety issues and compliance
  • Walls stripped of wallpaper, reskimmed and half retiled
  • Ventilation is key as excess moisture in rooms can cause problems with condensation and mould, so a wall mounted extractor fan was added

All of this work was completed in about a week.

Toilet In Old Bedroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Top Tip

Glass frosting can be used to turn previously clear glass into frosted glass for privacy.This can be done by applying a self adhesive, plain or patterned, film onto the glass as has been done here. These are available here.This saves having a new window put in for a fraction of the price. However, you can get obscured glass in new windows should you require it.

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