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Wet Room Formers – Background

Wet rooms negate the need for a shower tray, and essentially there is just a drainage grate in the tiled (or vinyl) floor.

This allows for level access showering which looks great and is highly functional too.

Wet room tray formers are custom made platforms that are tiled over, and they are used to install wet rooms.

They provide a means of achieving a consistent drainage gradient towards the drain so that all water flows away nicely:

Wet Room Formers – Tiling With Mosaics

The wet room tray / former is 1st installed…..

…and then tiled over (with mosaic tiles in this example that come on a 30cm x 30cm sheet in this case)

You can see how the gradient is maintained towards the drain, as the mosaics naturally follow the drainage contours of the wet room former without the need for complicated cuts (as when tiling a wetroom with large format tiles)

When tiled and grouted the area will direct all the water down the drain (but even if water does seep through, the whole area is tanked so it will still flow down the drain.)

Finally the glass is added to finish off the wetroom as part of the wider bathroom installation:

Other Considerations When Using Mosaics


Using mosaics invariably means that there will be a lot more grouted area rather than tiled area (when compared to using larger tiles.)
This means that you should not use very lightly coloured grout that may tend to look a bit grubby after 6 months – think greys and beige rather than white.

Ease Of Tiling

Tiling over a wetroom tray is much easier with mosaics than larger format tiles but in general wet rooms are not a DIY job unless you are very well informed, practised & supervised by someone who knows what they are doing.


Mosaics tend to cost more than larger format tiles (maybe £100/m2 rather than £20/m2) but it is a lot faster to tile a wet tray former with mosaics so when labour AND materials are factored in, they are probably about the same.

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What We Do

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We install from start to finish, supplying all the necessary trades and project managing the whole process, so you don’t have to (and this includes dealing with the local council where needed).

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Download our free information pack below

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