This shows ceramic wall tiling in an example shower enclosure installed by Chris of

Tanking Plasterboard Prior To Tiling With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

After all 1st fix plumbing work has been done, the plasterboard in tanked (made waterproof) with an all in one tanking kit.

This is standard wall preparation for all of my tiled wet areas.

Herringbone Jig With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

As the customer required an unusual Herringbone pattern for this tiling, a unique jig had to be made.

To make this I laid out the tiles in the pattern required on a sheet of 18mm MDF (spacers and all) and then made a jig by cutting a shape out that would support the tiles as they were being fitted, and stop them from spreading under their own weight (see photo below).

The tiles being used were 10cm x 20cm white ceramic tiles with bevelled edges – sometimes referred to as ‘London underground tiles’.

Ceramic Wall Tiling With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

I glued two chrome tile trims to hide the cut edges of the tiles in the enclosure and to provide a neat edge which the plasterer could plaster up to on the other side.

I then started tiling using a cement based, rapid setting white adhesive due to the impermeable nature of the tanked substrate.

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiling With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

After the 1st wall was complete, I started on the 2nd wall, carefully amending the jig to fit the new wall, ensuring that the grout lines matched up in the corners as closely as possible.

Completed Bathroom Tiling With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Holes were made in the tiles for the various shower heads by using diamond core drill bits

Tiled And Grouted Shower Enclosure With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

After the adhesive had set, the tiles were cleaned and grouted – you may wish to use a contrasting grout colour to make the unusual tile pattern stand out a bit more (but its merely personal preference).

After the grout had dried and the tiles had been polished, all junctions were sealed with sanitary silicon to provide a watertight finish.

Finished Shower Enclosure With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The 2nd fix plumbing was carried out which involved fitting the shower heads and glass enclosures, as well as the shower valve which you can see in this photo on the left – this way the user can turn the shower on without getting their arm wet.

Thats it!

Thanks for reading, have a look at some of my case studies below for more tiling ideas.