How to dispose of your bathroom renovation rubbish.


During your bathroom installation you will create a lot of mess consisting of:

  • old bathroom suite & furniture e.g. cabinets & toilet roll holders etc
  • old tiles
  • old floor coverings
  • new tile offcuts
  • new suite packaging
  • used adhesive tubs etc

It is your responsibility to ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly, and you should receive a waste transfer note whenever you get rid of any rubbish.

To this effect, you have the following disposal options:

For convenience – Skip

Dispose Bathroom Renovation Rubbish With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

  • Most convenient but not cheap (£150+ normally)
  • Getting a skip placed off the road e.g. on your drive will save you money as the skip will not require a permit from your local council (normally organised by the skip company on your behalf)
  • It also means that you won’t have to bag up & store any rubbish (you can put it straight in the skip) as you would have to with other methods.
  • BEWARE – If you order a skip, be sure to fill it before anyone else does! Don’t order it too far in advance.
  • Consider access – will a large skip wagon be able to drop the skip in a convenient location without knocking down tree branches, gate posts or compressing a block paved driveway?
  • Do not overfill or it may be refused collection or you may be charged more.
  • This is the method I employ 90% of the time on my own bathroom installations in Leeds.

NB Be sure to check when the skip is due to be collected – some companies automatically pick up the skip after 1 week, leaving you with no disposal options after this time – so ask before booking or paying for the skip! Paying on collection as opposed to paying on delivery also helps to this effect.

For those on a tight budget – Local household waste sorting site.

Waste Sorting Site With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

  • You will need a large vehicle to transport large items such as shower enclosures and baths.
  • You may also need a liberal attitude to keeping your vehicle clean.
  • You will also need to ‘bag up’ all loose rubble in strong refuse sacks .
  • This is a labour intensive way of doing things, and a bit of a pain to all involved, but if you have a large vehicle you don’t mind getting a bit scruffy and live next to a tip and want to save £100+, then why not?
  • Just be clear to communicate your intention to any tradesmen working on site so they can price accordingly – bagging up rubbish takes longer than chucking it into a skip.

Be sure to check what the skip company or local household waste sorting site will accept.Skip companies often do not accept fridges, asbestos, paint or manure, and these specialist items may not be accepted at your nearest household waste sorting site.

Other alternatives

  • You can bag up your rubbish and then call up someone to take it away from you – check local small papers such as On Your Doorstep or see
  • Some companies only charge for the volume of actual rubbish taken as opposed to a fixed rate for a skip whether it’s full or not (But when have you ever seen a skip not full to the brim?)
  • Don’t underestimate the amount of time it will take to bag up the rubbish and the amount of space your rubbish will occupy before it is removed:

Bagging Up Rubbish With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

  • Personally I don’t see the point as the small amount of money you may save is not worth the extra hassle of bagging up all rubbish. Rubble sacks also cost around 20p each, so if you use 50, the £10 you saved has just evaporated!
  • Also, this approach is the one most likely to lead to fly tipping, so please ensure you use a reputable firm (registered waste carrier with a waste carrier number) that issues you with a waste transfer note so you can be sure that your waste has been disposed of properly.

Top Tip – Any collection of rubbish by a 3rd party (skip / man with van) should be done when all the work is completely finished to avoid generating any extra rubbish after you’ve paid to have the rest of it taken away.

My supplier

My supplier recycles 90% of all waste:

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Download our free information pack below

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