Sometimes its hard to visualise how your new bathroom will look. Here’s how we show new customers what their bathrooms will look like.

3D bathroom plan

Start at the Beginning

WC & basin prior to renovation

swopping a bath for a shower

You start with what you’ve got.

Most new bathroom installations rely heavily on the existing plumbing and drainage as well as the construction of the house and a variety of other factors.

A local bathroom fitter can normally come up with a plan to make the best use of your space within the constraints of your existing plumbing etc, which is not something a ‘Bathroom planner’ in a remote showroom can do, no matter how experienced they are.

This may lead to them suggesting a ‘plan’ which may not actually work in practise due to floor joist directions, suite positioning problems etc.

PS Thats why we carry out extensive (& free) site surveys whereby we:

Measure up the room

  • Look at the current plumbing & drainage facilities which will affect the layout of the new bathroom
  • Note the boiler / hot water system and the fuse box suitability
  • Take a couple of photos as a reference for when I am pricing up the work later
  • Talk to you for a while before….
  • Making some suggestions as to what will work in your space ie come up with a ‘plan’
  • Talk to you a bit about how we work


Even with a rough ‘plan’ in mind, some people find it hard to visualise how things will eventually look.

suite pictures

To help with this, we show pictures of the suite items we suggest from our local supplier, and we also encourage customers to visit the showroom to see the items in the flesh if they like.

Bathroom sketches

Plans are useful for showing where items will sit within the space, and rough sketches are good for communicating ideas or details not shown in the plan (but are dependent on drawing ability!)

3D bathroom designer

3D CAD drawings are good for helping you visualise how the finished room will look, and we can offer this service in some instances e.g. where there are lots of layout or even structural changes.


Of course planning is nothing without implementation.

We are a turnkey bathroom installation business so we cover everything from the initial site survey to the multi-trade, project managed installation.

Fitting a shower tray in place of a bath

Here you can see that a bath has been replaced with an offset quadrant shower tray, and walls have been prepared to be retiled.

making provisions for a wall hung toilet & basin

The new plan included a wall hung toilet & basin to make the floor area seem bigger, and above you can see some of the joinery & plumbing work required to bring this to fruition:

Wall hung basin & toilet

Finally the work is complete:

Final bathroom

Along the way we helped this customer to visualise the final outcome when we first submitted our quote by:

  1. showing them suite items chosen (in pictures and in the showroom)
  2. showing them a bathroom plan & sketches to communicate key ideas
  3. showing them a 3D computer generated model of the bathroom with chosen tiles etc.


Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.


Download our free information pack below

Download our free information pack below

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