This article will give you broad overview of the costs you can expect to pay when employing the services of UK Bathroom Guru Ltd for a bathroom installation in Leeds.

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How long is a piece of string?

Bathroom installations costs vary massively relative to:

  1. the amount of work involved (expected & relatively unexpected)
  2. the quality and amount of materials used & the working practises employed

PS Please see my article on hidden bathroom installation costs for an explanation of some unexpected costs to look out for.

Some context

I do bath to shower conversions from £3K….

…all the way up to full scale WC / bathroom knock throughs or en-suites that cost £14K+

These jobs include lots of custom design & planning work and the co-ordination of many skilled tradesmen covering lots of disciplines

e.g. plumbing, tiling, plastering, joinery, floor laying, painting, gas, electrics etc.

(as well as 3rd party utility companies / suppliers / council bodies)

We co-ordinate all these separate players as well as helping with procurement through our local network.

To enable you to discover where your planned installation lies on the spectrum, I have laid out two examples below of a ‘house bathroom’ installation

On average

A typical bathroom installation (approx £7-8K) may break down like this:

This average example includes gutting an existing bathroom, disposing of all the rubbish and installing a new suite with fully tiled walls & floor, with some electrical work such as adding an extractor fan and installing spotlights in addition to some joinery work, plastering and painting & decorating.

A truly turnkey service.

Smaller bathrooms may be less, bigger bathrooms may be more.

Although the size of rooms cannot be altered, bathrooms can be made more affordable by amending the schedule of work slightly, and this is my recommended approach

(You don’t want to cut back on workmanship procedures, trust me)

Sensible measures that can be taken to reduce costs:

  • You can care of all project waste by taking it to your local household waste sorting site (rather than paying for a skip)
  • Cushioned vinyl flooring can be used instead of tiles on the floor
  • Ceramic rather than porcelain tiles can be used
  • No costly border tiles or mosaics
  • You can do the painting if you like
  • Clad the ceiling rather than skimming & painting it
  • The existing light can be swopped for a new fitting rather than upgraded to spotlights
  • The shower can be run off the bath taps to limit the costs associated with fitting a new separate shower, or you can swap a concealed shower for a bar mixer one.
  • The existing bathroom layout can be kept the same to limit plumbing costs
  • Existing fixtures can be repainted / resurfaced rather than replaced

Examples that can increase costs:

  1. Deluxe options chosen by you:
  • Ceiling spotlights to give a bright, airy space
  • Underfloor heating used to heat the space and give a warm feeling underfoot
  • A high quality extractor fan & louvre vent to prevent backdraughts and noisy ‘flapping noises’ associated with other types of fans
  • A dual fuel towel warmer (which can be used in the summer, even with the heating off)
  • Concealed shower valves or digital showers which allow you to turn on the water outside of the showering area
  • Porcelain wall & floor tiling
  • Mosaic wall tiling
  • Custom made glass enclosures
  • Colour matched grout & silicon
  • Rehinging doors to open into the bathroom the other way
  • Designer suite items
  • Limestone baths
  • Freestanding baths with floor-mounted bath fillers
  • Wall hung fixtures
  • Excellent quality items with large manufacturers warranties (10 years+)

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Doing things correctly so that you only do the work once

  1. Extra (necessary) work required
  • Floor joist reinforcement to take the weight of the new bath & tiles / repair leak damage (see below)
  • Levelling of sub floor if required (see below)
  • Stripping loose render back to brick
  • Re-boarding of all walls after the render behind the existing tiles was found to be blown.
  • Removing & replacing existing pipework not properly clipped into place and was rubbing on the underside of the existing floorboards, which could have lead to pinholes developing.
  • Re-running incorrectly installed pipework e.g. waste pipework discovered to be draining uphill (top tip: water doesn’t flow uphill under gravity

So what?

£7-8K may be more than you were expecting, and it may be less.

But there is a huge difference between cost and value, and you should know this going into your project which you have probably saved long and hard for….

If not you could….

 “Win the war” (hey a cheap bathroom!)
but ….
“Lose the battle” (oh, it all needs to be redone next year and we’ll end up paying 2x as much in the long run!

……which is why I wrote a special 3 part email series just for you.

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