This Article Shows How A Tiled Bath Panel Can Be Used To Add The Wow Factor To Your Bathroom.

Tiled Bath Panel With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Tiled bath panels can be used to add the wow factor to many bathroom designs.

Basic process

A framework (set back from the bath rim about 30mm depending on the thickness of the tiles) is made from 1×2” planed timber, onto which a 20mm thick Wedi / Marmox board is screwed. This is then tiled.

If you do not set the frame back far enough from the bath rim, then your tiles could protrude out too far.

Wedi Board With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Marmox / Wedi board

Using 20mm Marmox or Wedi board is better than plywood as a base for tiled bath panels as it is:

  • lighter & easier to transport
  • easier to cut – only requires a stanley knife
  • just as solid as plywood
  • will not warp like plywood can (particularly plywood less than 18mm)
  • completely waterproof
  • can be bought in smaller sizes than plywood which only comes in 2.4 x 1.2m sheets, making transportation easier.

Allowing for future servicing

Enabling Future Access With A Tiled Bath Panel With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The potential pitfall of a tiled bath panel is that it does not always allow for easy removal to allow for future servicing.

Therfore it is always a good idea to plan an access hatch of sorts at a key area.

Personally I like to cut a square in the Wedi board that will sit behind a specific tile, and then attach the tile with tile magnets or a small amount of adhesive around the edge of the hole.

That way, if access is needed, only 1 specific tile will need to be removed and then the plumber can get in to see the bath trap, bath filler / shower connections etc if there is a problem.

If this is a cut tile I may even cut a couple of spares when fitting the bathroom and leave them under the bath with some leftover grout so any future plumbers can do a proper job (if for some reason I’m not about!)

Alternative fixing method – mirror headed screws

An alternative method would be to use mirror headed screws through the tile and the Wedi / Marmox board to make a whole section of the bath panel (tile & Wedi board) removeable.

This approach would be trickier to do and would not be as seamless a finish as the other method outlined above, but would allow for a larger access panel.

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