If you think you do not have room for an en suite or shower room due to lack of space then you may have to think again!

Tiny Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Easy hotel, London Victoria

On a recent stay at the Easy Hotel in London Victoria, I came across the smallest shower room I have ever seen.

Tiny Shower Room Plan With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Tiny Shower Room Plan With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

It fitted into a space approximately 70cm x 160cm and utilised some clever features to save space, so if you are looking at adding an en suite, but don’t think you have the space then read on….


The small room had rounded or angled corners and whilst this may initially look like a waste of space it accomplished the following:

  • Hiding the toilets’ concealed cistern behind the wall, ensuring the toilet does not protrude out into the room as much as possible. This was also enhanced by the fact the the toilet was angled.
  • Hiding the soil pipe that serviced the floors above in the corner of the room.
  • Hiding the hot and cold supplies to the shower valve, whilst allowing for recessed storage above the height of the shower.

The floor was also raised from the adjoining bedroom (so there was a step up into the bathroom) This allowed for all the waste pipes and drainage no doubt.

Tight Space Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The basin is semi-recessed into the wall and is tiny but still functional due to the offset tap (standard on many tiny basins) There is a modular panel below the basin which can be removed for maintenance.

The mirror above the basin is as large as possible within the space and serves to bounce light around the room, making it seem less small (I can’t really say bigger in all honesty!)

The showering area covers around half of the floor space, and can be separated off from the rest of the ‘room’ with a shower curtain that follows the circular contour of the floor (when people are showering) whilst remaining open when not.

Smallest Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A custom made wet room style floor ensures a level floor (apart from the small lip into the shower area) which, when combined with the shower curtain, helps to keep water from the shower within the showering area. It also negates the need for a traditional shower tray which would not fit into this custom made configuration.


Whilst you may not be able to have custom made plastic modular panelling (as this wet room has) due to the fact that your en suite would be a one off (rather than a batch produced specialist item such as this) it should give you some ideas which you could replicate.

Let me know what you think. A clever piece of modular, functional, economically-savvy, space-saving design or a step too far….