To be or not to be, that is the question…

….that is never asked of me.

Instead I am asked about 10 times a week…

“Can we get rid of our bath (which we never use) and have a massive luxurious walk in shower (which we’d love!)”


Isn’t it it funny how sometimes people just want to be given permission to do the things they want to do anyway..

So, the lesson here is it’s your money, and your life.

So buy what you like so you can enjoy the short time you spend here…

And if worst comes to the worst and you fear not being able to sell the house to a young family with a baby…

Call me back up in 5 years and I’ll stick a bath back in!

Case study: replacing a bath with a walk in shower 

Bathroom prior to wetroom convertion

wall to wall shower in wetroom

wall hung furniture in wetroom

view from wetroom

Maybe we could help you like we helped our customer, Noortje:

“Chris, Jay, Seth and the other tradesmen involved completely transformed our bathroom into a beautiful, modern space that works for us. They do very high quality work for a good price, they’re nice guys to have around and they were respectful towards my little old house (like cleaning up at the end of the day).

Noortje, Google Review 2018

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