Sometimes Its Difficult To Know Whether To Knock Through A WC & Bathroom Into One Or Keep Them Separate.

Here Are Your Options….

remove the wall

OPTION 1: Keep The WC & Bathroom Separate


Bathroom after refurbishment


  • Least disruption during renovation.
  • If the bathroom is busy someone else can use the loo.
  • Peaceful baths without toilet interruptions, and a more spa like feel.
  • Some people having a relaxing soak in the bath don’t particularly like looking at the toilet whilst doing so.
  • Generally cheaper than combining two rooms into one.

complete toilet room

large shower enclosure


Arguably not very hygienic – There’s often no basin in the WC, so people cant wash their hands after using the facilities, which is especially problematic if someone is in the shower or bath next door and they can’t gain access to use the basin.
Some people see separate Wc’s as old fashioned.
Taking young kids to the loo and then bathing them before bed can be awkward in two separate rooms.
Some people don’t like having to go to different rooms for the morning routine.
People often strip off for the shower then immediately need the loo (according to mumsnet!)


Separate Toilet/WC & bathroom:

Separate toilet & bathroom:

OPTION 2: Knock Through The WC & Bathroom Into One Larger Space

Knocking through plan


  • Creates a larger bathroom, that is usually extended into the hall slightly.
  • More hygienic for toilet users who can wash their hands easily after using the facilities.
  • More modern aesthetic.
  • Taking kids to the loo and then bathing them before bed is easier, and its easier for parents to nip to the loo whilst kids are bathing.
  • Morning routine is easier.
  • The old WC often makes a huge space for a new walk in shower, and the bath can sometimes be kept as well (in larger houses.)
  • Walls between WC’s & bathrooms are not normally load bearing and simple to remove (DISCLAIMER – always check before carrying out building work like this!!!!)
  • Less wall tiling vs tiling 2 x separate rooms, therefore some of the additional costs associated with making two rooms into one are offset.

Combining a cloakroom & bathroom plan

bathroom archway


Dusty building work

  • Dusty building work.
  • If someone’s using the toilet, the shower & bath are off limits – may be a problem for large families during the morning rush.
  • It’s more costly to combine two rooms into one than to leave them as is as: walls need to be removed, lighting has to be rejigged and a new doorway has to be installed etc etc
  • Some people having a relaxing soak in the bath don’t particularly like looking at the toilet whilst doing so.
  • Generally the more costly option overall (when all trades considered.)


Knocking through a WC & bathroom:

Combining a bathroom and toilet into one:

Combining a toilet & bathroom into one:

OPTION 3: Keep The WC & Bathroom Separate But Add Facilities (Best Of Both)

bathroom plan

When you have a WC & separate bathroom sometimes you can have the best of both worlds (providing you have enough space)

separate toilet before

In this instance, we chose to add a small basin to the existing WC so that it could function as a standalone room without the need for users to migrate into the main bathroom to wash their hands:

toilet with new basin added

The existing bathroom, which contained no toilet was addressed next:

bathroom before (no toilet)

We rejigged the layout of the house bathroom to add an additional toilet.

traditional toilet & towel radiator

We also added a shower & separate bath (this was possible due to the large room and the additional space created by removing the old hot water cylinder cupboard.)

freestanding bath & basin


An alternative to knocking through a toilet & bathroom:

OPTION 4: Add A Downstairs Loo

Adding a downstairs loo

Toilet under stairs

Downstairs WC

Adding a downstairs loo can alleviate some of the problems outlined above when combining a WC and bathroom into one.


How much does adding a downstairs loo cost?

Adding a downstairs loo:

Minimum size for a downstairs toilet:

Adding a downstairs cloakroom:

Adding a downstairs toilet:

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