Do you have an issue with your bath?

  • Would you like to replace your bath with a shower because you never actually use the bath?
  • Do you (or someone dear to you) find it increasingly difficult to get in and out of the bath?
  • Do you sometimes worry that your mum may slip or fall whilst trying to get in and out of the bath due to its high sides?
  • Or are you concerned that your dad is not so sure on his feet anymore?

If so, then you are not alone, many people are taking the sensible step to future-proof their bathing.

….and I understand how you feel.

My mum was in the same situation after she had a hip replacement, and she felt very vulnerable when getting in and out of her bath.

Heaving your leg over the (seemingly higher and higher) bath rim is not a long term solution for anyones bathing needs!

This is how accidents happen, and nobody wants that.

If you just want to safely enjoy your bathing again, then you may want to consider replacing your bath with a shower.

“If you’ve got enough money to solve a problem,
then you don’t really have a problem.”

Dan Sullivan

My mum (and many others) found that replacing her bath with a shower made her feel safer and more confident when bathing, particularly when she knew she was in the house on her own.

Whatever your situation, you have a couple of options to replace a bath that is now impractical:

  1. Install a specialist disability bath in place of the existing bath
  2. Replace the bath with a shower

Either of these two options will help to make day to day life better, but only the 2nd option is truly desirable (whilst being arguably safer as it does not require the upper body strength to get up out of the bath).

But what if the rest of your bathroom is perfectly good and you don’t want to go to the expense (and disruption) of replacing your whole bathroom?

Replacing a whole bathroom can take weeks, and being without basic washing facilities during this time can be a massive inconvenience.

(Especially when it’s the only bathroom in the house.)

Also, new bathrooms can cost upwards of £10,000 once everything’s factored in.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace your bath with a shower without having to go to the expense of replacing the whole bathroom?


Which begs the question….

… it feasible in your bathroom?

Here’s how you could potentially replace your bath with a shower:

1. Replace your bath with a walk in wetroom shower & match tiles

2. Replace your bath with a walk in shower with tray & contrasting tiles

3. Replace your bath with a shower tray & enclosure & source similar tiles

(if an exact match cannot be sourced)

4. Say, “Sod it!” and replace the bath as part of a bigger bathroom remodel

Me & my team have designed, planned and then subsequently installed dozens of bath to shower conversions like yours.

That’s why we have so many happy customers:

I know what works and what doesn’t, and I can help YOU.

How long does it take?

Timescales vary from a day or two to over a week (depending on the level of work required)

And….. I can advise you on a plan that will limit this time (if that’s what’s most important to you.)

However, first a caveat!

Limited availability

I have a limited number of fitting slots available, as I cannot keep pace with demand.

All of my experienced fitting teams are usually booked up for a couple of months in advance, so DON’T DELAY getting started planning your new shower today.

I operate on a strictly 1st come 1st served basis.

Next steps

If you’d like to convert your bath to a shower, I am currently offering FREE conversion consultations, whereby I come round to your house and let you know EXACTLY what’s possible in your situation.

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