There are 3 ways to get your new bathroom:

  1. DIY – not viable for 99% of the population who lack the qualifications, skills, knowledge or experience to complete the work.
  2. Piecemeal – hiring in and managing all the different trades required independently (and there may be a few!)
  3. Turnkey – getting a company like mine in to do it all from start to finish.

Hiring a turnkey company is definitely the easiest way to do it, but can cost you a lot of money, particularly if you live in areas where demand far exceeds supply.

If you have had a quote to this effect then you will likely already know this.

BUT Hiring in and managing all the different trades required independently can save you a lot of money (but it is not without its pitfalls.)

This is where I can help YOU.

The solution

I can consult with you and help you to project manage your own project – be it an en suite, wet room or downstairs WC, as I have surveyed, designed, planned and installed hundreds (if not thousands) over the years.

This will save you thousands of pounds vs hiring a turnkey provider as YOU are effectively taking on the role of the project manager.

I will personally work with you to make sure that YOUR project is set up to succeed.

Working with me will give you the confidence to project manage your job and save thousands of pounds in the process.

Managing your own project will involve more work on your behalf than employing a turnkey company, but this is exactly the reason WHY you can expect save thousands of pounds in the process! AND I will help you with this work.

So if you’ve already had a quote from a turnkey supplier that you currently think is your only option, you may want to consider working with me instead.

I take on a maximum of 5 consultations each week to try and save people like you money and get them closer to their dream bathroom, wet room, en suite or downstairs WC.

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Money back guarantee

If you can’t save AT LEAST the cost of my fee vs a turnkey supplier you can have your money back.


i.e If I can’t save you money, then I don’t deserve yours.

Let me re-iterate that.

If I deliver, you save over and above the money than you’ve paid me.

If I don’t save you more money than you’ve paid me, then I will give you ALL your money back.

How exactly can you lose in this scenario?

Click the button below and let’s see if I can save you some cash.

We’ll have a quick chat to see if the project’s suitable 1st and then we can take it from there.

Look forward to hearing about your project soon