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3D CAD bathroom design

We want UK Bathroom Guru to be known for:

  1. Great quality bathrooms, en-suites and cloakrooms
  2. Delighted customers
  3. The best equipped and performing staff in the industry
  4. Innovative & efficient digital sales & marketing techniques
  5. Being a thought leader in the (digital) space

We want to double the number of installers we have from 4 to 8 in 2024 and this requires a new project coordinator to come on board, as well as the installers & trainees.

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Everything you need to know about working for UK Bathroom Guru as a full-time bathroom installer

Including answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • What type of work do you do?
  • What rates of pay are available?
  • What equipment is provided?
  • What skills do I need?
  • What training is available?
  • How is success measured?
  • What’s the work culture like?

Plus access to a behind the scenes day in the life video to show the reality of the day to day.

Download our free information pack below

Why be a bathroom installer for UKBG?

Meet Bob:

Bob likes working for himself but cannot be bothered with dealing with all the aspects of the job that he doesn’t enjoy:

Answering calls, late nights spent driving around visiting customers and writing up (and endlessly rewriting) quotations for time wasting customers (times when he’s not getting paid!)

Then there’s the customers that never get back to him and all the paperwork on an evening, plus collecting money from completed jobs etc.

He thinks there has to be a better way so is pleased when he discovers he can work for UKBathroomGuru and just do the bit that he enjoys (the fitting) and most other things are handled by someone else…

Someone else finds the work and delivers it to him, like his own outsourced marketing department.

He realises that all he has to do is keep up his end of the bargain in return – work to their standards (which align with his own high standards anyway) and keep to schedule whilst keeping the customer happy.

His job role explains exactly what is expected of him so he knows where he stands.

He is glad that the company prices the jobs properly so he can do his best work and isn’t forced to cut corners to keep to the schedule, which although targeted towards high performers is achievable. 

He’s also happy that the moneys good too, and he knows that if he organises himself (and his teammates) well he can earn good money.

He is in charge of the job and everything that it contains after it has been handed over to him – he is the lead installer / project manager.

In this role he can he earn over £40K per year without the headache of building his own business.

Plus he gets provided his van (and fuel) and all the tools necessary for him to do his job effectively.

Also he gets 28 days paid holiday per year.

He knows that 90% of the details will be ready by the time he gets to the job on day one, and he knows it will be added to his work calendar so he doesn’t have to keep track of it in his head.

He receives an email a couple of days before the job’s due to start (when he’s finishing his previous job) with all the job information so he can stock up his van and hit the ground running on his 1st day if he wants.

The foreman goes through all the paperwork in the project pack on the morning of the first day during the handover, during which time everything is confirmed with the customer to ensure everything will proceed as expected.

All major deliveries (normally suite & tiles) are pre arranged, and during the job Bob either picks up any other necessary materials from our credit account suppliers or puts materials on a pre-paid company card which is just for him. 

(The foreman calls in a couple of times throughout the job to provide any assistance required and once at the end to do the final handover and sign off the completed job.)

Once jobs are completed they are evaluated in 3 ways:

  1. customer satisfaction
  2. job score (execution checklist)
  3. profit

Bob is paid his salary monthly plus quarterly bonuses for KPI’s related to the outcomes above.

Bob feels pride in his (teams) work, and he can see that their standards are among the highest in the company by their feedback scores and customer reviews.

He likes running jobs the way he sees fit and is glad not to have a boss breathing down his neck the whole time – he knows that as long as he continues to act in accordance with the companies values, keep jobs on schedule and to standard while keeping the customer happy he will be earning good money and keeping his boss happy and out of his hair.

Download our free information pack below

Download our free information pack below

Everything you need to know about working for UK Bathroom Guru as a full-time bathroom installer

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