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Final Wall Hung Basin


Fitting a wall hung basin is not always possible as plumbing and support need to be considered at the outset.

i.e you need to be able to run hot & cold supplies to the basin tap and be able to drain waste water away from the basin (normally in or through the wall behind) as well as adequately support the weight of the installation.

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Fitting A Wall Hung Basin – Case Study

Layout Drawing Done

This design features 2 floating shelves set in the corner of the room with a basin sat centrally on top with an up and over tall mixer tap mounted on the top shelf next to the basin.

A rough layout drawing is done to decide the position & heights of the various shelves / basin etc.

PS as a general rule start with the height of the top of the basin (80-90cm from the floor) and work backwards from there.

Marking Out Positions

These dimensions are then transferred onto the stud wall where the shelves & basin will be located.

Studwork Added for Support

Next hot & cold pipework is run inside the stud wall as well as the waste pipe.

Timber noggins are added in strategic positions so that the brackets that will support the shelves will bolt into them at 2nd fix after the walls have been tiled.

Every pipe penetration and screw fixing is carefully worked out at this stage so that the final result will be neat (without pipes everywhere) and strong (with all the weight of the shelves being fixed directly into the timber studwork rather than just the plasterboard or tiles)

Danger Points Highlighted

Any points where a supporting screw or bolt may pierce a pipe in the wall at 2nd fix are identified at this stage and appropriate action is taken to mitigate the risks of a leak eg shorter bolts.

Once all the 1st fix plumbing & joinery work has been done, the wall is boarded and tiled ready for 2nd fix.

Bracelets Fixed with Isolating Valves

Brackets are attached in the exact location as planned initially, and all bolts screw tightly into the studwork behind, ensuring the shelves will be rock solid.

Angled chrome isolating valves are added to the copper pipework that will feed the basin mixer tap (and allow for future maintenance.)

Top Shelf Added & Tap Connected

The top shelf is screwed to the top brackets and a hole is drilled for the tap.

The flexible tap tails are then attached to the isolating valves fitted previously, and you will notice that the valves are brought out in such a position as to do this in a neat manner hidden just below the top shelf.

This is all planned in advance when drawing on the wall.

Bottle Trap & Waste Connected

Next, the basin (with waste already attached to it) is dropped through a newly made hole cut in the centre of the top shelf.

Glue holds it in position.

A chrome pipe connects the trap to the waste pipe already in the wall and a chrome shroud covers the pipe penetration.

The waste pipe has been brought out at the correct height so it has a small fall to ensure adequate drainage.

Final Basin

Finally the bottom shelf is fitted and the edges are sealed with a colour co-ordinated silicone sealant.

Final Wall Hung Basin

Mirrors and other accessories are added and all connections are thoroughly tested.

A similar installation can be read about here.


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