There will be some disruption, and this is unavoidable, especially if the bathroom being
installed is the only one in the house, if the house is very small or if you will be at home for the
duration of the work (rather than out at work for example.)

Water may need to be turned off and you may be without heating for part of one day at the
start of the installation, though we will always warn you in advance of this.
The bathroom suite & tiles etc will all need to be stored somewhere prior to installation and
this will be discussed at the free site survey.
We do the following to limit this disruption:
✓ We complete installations as quickly as possible by tightly organising all of the independent
trades with minimal downtime (days when no-one is working for example)
✓ We can reinstate a toilet every night before we leave if necessary.
✓ We can get a bath up and running in a couple of days if required.