Not the prettiest room in the world with all those exposed pipes everywhere!

Also the boilers not going to win any beauty pageants and the gas meter over the basin isn’t too picturesque.

However, we managed to neaten this room up a whole lot but it was a fair amount of work for such a small room.

1st we studded out all the walls to board over all those unsightly pipes and we made provisions for a wall-hung toilet to hide everything under the boiler.

Then we did a whole load of other stuff to make this!

Including storage around the boiler….

…and opposite the WC, custom-made for all the customers’ items.

We even managed to hide the gas meter behind a custom-made unit with mirrored fronts.

Where Would You Start?!

1. spec out the work

  • come up with a plan for how to treat this space with no experience or knowledge of what was feasible (this is a big one!)

You don’t know what you don’t know!

2. Assemble a team

This job required 8 separate tradesmen working towards a common goal and when not employing a turnkey provider like Ukbathroomguru, then this becomes the customers’ headache!

  • Imagine trying to find 8 tradesmen and the time it would take to wait in for them and get their quotes
  • Oh, and don’t forget to get 3 quotes for each trade x 8 = 27 separate appointments waiting in to show people your job!

3. Procure your items

  • Source a suitable bathroom suite from a reputable company that would hopefully be good quality (they wouldn’t know – they don’t fit them!)
  • Decide on what type of flooring they should have with no guidance as to what was suitable for them & then procure it.
  • Trek round a few glass merchants to see if they could accommodate their requests
  • Trek round a few tile merchants over a couple of weekends to find some tiles for the splashback!

4. Project manage the job

  • After interviewing your trades, getting & accepting their quotes you now have to schedule them all into a work sequence based on:

a) how the work should be sequenced for the best result.
b) when the trades are actually available.

PS These 2 rarely compliment each other

  • Then you need to liaise with the other parties involved:

a) merchants for deliveries
b) waste disposal company
c) building control officer visits

It can’t be that hard….

So if the plumber doesn’t show up or the joiners van breaks down, you miss your slot with the plasterer (as the works not ready for him) and he disappears on holiday so then the painter gets annoyed as you have to reschedule them and then they stop answering their phone and you need to find someone else, and in the mean time the plumber gets annoyed because now all of a sudden they are ready and wanting to finish 2nd fix but they can’t because the walls haven’t been painted……..and on and on it goes.

I’ve seen it a million times.

All of which causes you more delays and time spent without facilities…..

Basically you’d have to handle this:


You could just call me and I could sort all that for you.

Unless you like punishing yourself….

Do You Want To Find Out What’s Possible In Your Space?

I’m currently offering a FREE cloakroom consultation with the sole purpose of making sure you get the best cloakroom possible – whether its a refresh of an existing one as here, or adding a completely new one.

We will discuss your requirements in detail, and together we’ll create a plan for your new bathroom, ensuite or downstairs loo that I know you will be delighted with.

By the end of our free 45-minute appointment you will have:

1) a new bathroom design & layout that works within the constraints of your house/space/heating system etc.

2) a breakdown of everything required to bring that plan to fruition including all the work schedule split down by trade (and there may be several needed) so you will know who you would need to hire.

3) how the work would need to be sequenced in order for it to run smoothly, and how long it would take.

4) an idea of how much you could expect to pay for the installation, and where you would buy all the best products locally.

You are then free to use this information in whatever way you see fit, and you will be in a much stronger buying position as an educated buyer.

Of course, if you wish us to go to the next step, we can also provide you with a fixed price quote for a fully project-managed installation with UKbathroomguru Ltd.

We would book a fitting date and take a deposit and you’d be well on your way to a new bathroom.

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Download our free information pack below

Download our free information pack below

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