2 Different Ways To Add An En Suite Into The Corner Of A Bedroom

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Here’s How You Could Go About This……..

space for en suite

Step 1:

Pick a space (above)

homeowner worries

Step 2:

Ensure you can fit all the stuff in it you want (shower, toilet, basin etc) and that they are all compatible with your existing water / heating system and are the right size / shape / type and locally available and of good quality (but with competitive pricing!)


Step 3:

Check drainage & services vs intended location (suite sizes, joist runs, drainage layouts etc)

building notice

Step 4:

Get permission (draw up plans & submit application to building control & pay fees)

tradesmen funnel

Step 5:

Assemble team consisting of labourer, plumber, plasterer, tiler, electrician, painter & carpet fitter, trialling a load 1st of course to make sure you don’t end up with any wrong ‘uns!

Make a document with all working practises you want followed (once you’ve learnt them all of course!)

And don’t forget to check all their public liability policies in case of damage to your property.

After all, it’s really easy to screw or nail through a pipe in the wall or floor and if the joiner doesn;t know the plumber how is he to know where things are anyway?!


Step 6:

Procure suite & tiles and all materials required from start to finish by looking online and at a load of brochures….

Decide on a sexy sliding door mechanism…..

new en suite sliding door 2

Step 7:

Arrange waste disposal and liaise with local council RE building control site visits

project management

Step 8:

Manage all 7 trades listed above into a tight 2 week installation timeline to limit the time when your bedroom is turned upside down!

en suite planning

Step 9:

Communicate plans / intent to all parties and co-ordinate as required around job / mum duties / life in general & manage all the trade crossover points.

project communication

Ensure that no errors occur between the trades whereby the plumber blames the tiler, the tiler blames the joiner and everyone falls out and walks off site leaving you with a half finished en suite and no idea why!

Step 10:

Have nervous breakdown

stressed homeowner


You may be better getting an experienced turnkey supplier such as ukbathroomguru.com to carry out the work so that it is completed in the quickest time possible to limit disruption and to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

space for en suite

A specialist service provider can assess your space and tell you what will work, and connect you to their network of local suppliers, whose products they have used hundreds of times before.

They can take projects from a simple plan..


Through the work….

en suite started

To completion….

view into en suite from bedroom

new en suite

en suite to bedroom

en suite shower

en suite electric shower

With all work done to a high standard in a professional manner – all managed by a single project manager to keep things on track and accountability in one place.

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