This article shows how adding a downstairs toilet can be relatively simple task – this can easily be completed within a week for less than you might think.


Site Survey With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Prior to work beginning, a free site survey is carried out where I discuss the homeowners needs.

I look at the current plumbing & drainage facilities which will affect the layout & positioning of the new downstairs toilet, as well as your boiler / hot water system and your fuse box. I also take a couple of photos as a reference for when I am pricing up the work later.

A plan is drawn up, costs, schedules and payment terms are agreed and then work begins….

In this case the positioning of the proposed downstairs WC & washbasin coincided well with the existing plumbing & drainage of the house, so costs were kept low in this regard.

Top tip
Always put a new en suite or downstairs loo on the side of the house with the soil stack outside – It makes things much simpler in general terms.

Installation Process for a downstairs toilet

Studding Out An Area For A Downstairs Toilet With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Existing floor tiles are removed in the new space and timber studwork is erected to define the space.

Care is taken in positioning the door frame & a narrow door is chosen so it won’t obstruct the corridor as much when opened.

The existing back door was partly blocked up and a full width UPVC window was fitted in the top half of the old opening to provide natural light.

Downstairs Toilet In Finished State With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

Lighting is added into the ceiling and a switch is positioned in the new stud wall by the door.

The walls are insulated, boarded, skimmed & decorated and joinery work is done to complete the job such as door fitting, skirting & architraves etc.

Adding A Small WC Room With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

The walls in the new toilet are plastered & painted.

The floor is tiled with a ceramic tiles and tiled upstands are used rather than skirting boards to cover the wall / floor junction.

A small towel radiator is added that runs off the central heating system.

A small splashback is fitted after the installation of the basin.

All new pipework is run within the new stud walls to conceal it from view.

Additional WC Room With Tiled Floor & Upstands With Bathroom Installation In Leeds

A modest WC is added and tied into the existing drainage of the house.

The exposed pipes were later boxed in.

Utilising a small space for a downstairs toilet

An area of just 80cm x approx 180cm was used to add a vital facility to this family house, as well as adding value to the property as a whole.

Give me a call or fill in the contact form on this site if you would like a bathroom, en suite or downstairs toilet and I’ll call you back for a chat.