Do you actually enjoy walking upstairs to go for a pee?

What about when guests come to visit or maybe elderly parents who have trouble using the stairs?

Or how about for all you young families out there, potty training your kids?!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had facilities downstairs?


Which begs the question….

… it feasible in your house?

Out of the 60+ downstairs cloakrooms I’ve installed, these are the most common places:

1. Under the stairs

2. At the foot of the stairs

3. Somewhere else!

A little story….

So me & Zoe used to live in Kirkstall.

It was our first real house together and we lived there for 10 years and had many happy times there.

However, every time my mum came round it was a real issue as she had chronic arthritis and whenever she needed to pop to the loo she had to struggle up the stairs. So we installed a downstairs loo.

Hmm, wonder where we found an installer….?

After we did, not only was my mum happier whenever she came round, but we quickly adapted to having it there.

In fact, we couldn’t believe how we ever managed without it!

When guests popped round for a cuppa or when we had parties, people wouldn’t have to be directed to the bathroom upstairs, or instructed to take their shoes off to avoid the carpet getting ruined!

Plus we didn’t have to frantically tidy upstairs before people came round or worry about people snooping around..

(this meant that the hour before people arrived we could focus on making only one floor of the house not semi habitable – you know what I’m talking about!)

Also, when we sold our house the added value was more than the cost of the installation, so we actually made money by installing the facilities that improved our lives whilst we lived there.

(and it helped us to sell our house faster than our neighbours)

Win win!

It wasn’t just us though:

“We are very happy with the work carried out by Chris, AJ and the rest of the team – the whole project from vague idea to reality went very smoothly.

When we first contacted Chris we had no idea whether the installation of a downstairs loo was even possible in the space we had in mind. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, the work was carried out professionally and to a high degree of quality by all involved – heartily recommend.”

Debby, Guisely (Houzz review)

I recently had Chris and team in to create a new downstairs cloakroom from part of my hallway. I am very happy with the result, especially since another company who came to quote told me it couldn’t be done!

For me, the particular benefit of using UK Bathroom Guru was the ability to go to a single organisation but get the expertise of a variety of high quality tradesmen, whose work was all coordinated into one smooth whole.

I would happily use them again, or recommend others to do the same!

Juliet, Headingley (abridged Houzz review)

Debby & Juliet (and many others) greatly benefited from working with us.

My customers were savvy enough to realise that they probably couldn’t effectively plan the work on their own (where to start?!) and they knew they definitely didn’t want the hassle of having to find the whole team of tradesmen this type of work requires:

  • Joiner
  • Window fitter
  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Floor fitter (vinyl)
  • Electrician
  • Joiner
  • Plasterer
  • Painter & decorator

What were they going to do, work out a detailed job spec on their own with no prior experience, get 3 quotes for each trade and then patch all their separate trademen into some kind of team?

They’d have to wait in for 27 different tradesmen – God knows how many of which would even show up, or give them a quote even if they did!

And the work itself would take weeks or months as each trade became available!

But disregarding that, they just didn’t want to plant themselves squarely in the middle of all these people to manage the job without any real knowledge or know how of how the job should be done.

We’ve added downstairs toilets underneath stairs, in old coal stores, in kitchen pantries and in the corner of reception rooms.

We have lots of experience planning and installing these rooms.

That’s why we have so many happy customers:

I know what works and what doesn’t, and I can help YOU.

However, first a caveat!

Limited availability

I have a limited number of fitting slots available, as I cannot keep pace with demand.

All of my experienced fitting teams are usually booked up for a couple of months in advance, so DON’T DELAY getting started planning your new downstairs WC today.

I operate on a strictly 1st come 1st served basis.

Next steps

If you’d like to add some facilities, I am currently offering FREE downstairs cloakroom consultations, whereby I come round for an hour and let you know EXACTLY what’s possible in your house.

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