Adding a downstairs toilet under your stairs can make a home much better to live in and increase the value & saleability of your house in work that can be done in 1-2 weeks for as little as £2.5K.

I have done a fair few under stairs downstairs cloakroom installations now and I hope that this article will help you to understand what kind of costs may be involved in this kind of work, and the factors that affect these costs.

TOTAL COST = labour cost + material cost

Labour cost is directly related to time taken (or the amount of work required) and the material cost is for things like timber, plasterboard, toilets, basins, radiators etc.

So obviously a simple job with cheaper fittings that takes less time to complete will cost less than a more complicated job that takes more materials and more time to complete.

It sounds simple and that’s because it is.

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