This guide shows you (with lots of actual case study photos) the difference between our work & others.

It explains to homeowners like you, what it is that we actually do differently when installing bathrooms & en suites.

And crucially, it illustrates why you should care.

Being a fully informed homeowner (through reading the guide) will put you in a better position to determine where your hard earned money will be invested.

Guide to comparing quotations

Written by a respected installer

What you can expect to learn

This is my comprehensive guide (with loads of real case study pictures) which shows you what you will be spending your money on if you choose to use us to install your new bathroom, en suite or downstairs WC.
The PDF document you will receive can be skimmed through by section or read in its entirety for maximum benefit.
Here’s some of the things you can expect to find inside:
  • How our approach produces the best long term value for our customers
  • What you are actually getting when you accept our quotation that you may not get from others (and why this matters!)
  • Why we use the materials & suppliers we do and why this directly benefits you as a homeowner
  • Our documented working procedures that ensure the longevity of your installation e.g. our unique 4 part ’solid-bath’ system
  • What can go wrong (shortcuts often used by other installers in the trade)
Plus a section featuring tips of the trade in the following areas:
  • Hiring tradesmen
  • Tips for a smooth installation
  • Avoiding common builder disputes
And even a bonus section featuring:
  •  supplier recommendations
  • What to do if the quote is beyond your affordability at the moment
….and a few other tidbits including the ONE COMMON THING that could scupper your plans for a perfect finish and how to get around it!

Take a look inside